Ultrasonic Facial w/ DermaSound Elite


Ultrasonic Facial w/ DermaSound Elite

The Benefits Are Clear:
Gentle Exfoliation, Cellular Rejuvenation, Increased Circulation & Hydration, Superior Delivery System (gentle, safe & effective).
Sonic Cavitation:
Using distilled water propelled by ultrasound waves, dead skin cells and debris are removed from surface
in a process called Sonic Cavitation. The gentle exfoliation consistently removes the skin’s top layers,
assists in the minimization of the effects of sun damaged skin and spots,
as well as improvement of the appearance of fine lines and acne.
The gentle vibrating action of the ultrasound waves creates a microscopic pathway allowing antioxidants and
other nutrients to penetrate deep and promote advanced rejuvenation.
Cellular Rejuvenation / Micro Current:
Achieving improvements at a cellular level, the Ultrasonic Facial revitalizes the neon charge of individual skin cells
through Micro Current Therapy.
This allows the cell to expel wastes at an optimal level. Micro current therapy replenishes ATP, which with increased
amino acid transport the protein synthesis. Micro current therapy also increases the number of growth factor
receptors, which increased production of collagen. The result is a rejuvenated complexion and ongoing
improvements long beyond the treatment period.
Ultrasound Experience:
Ultrasound facial is delivered via a hand-held stainless steel applicator held close through, which the DermaSound
Elite instrument delivers an extremely low electrical current such as that are found naturally in the body.
A warm, vibrating sensation is experienced at the point of application. The simple procedure takes approximately
45 minutes and three to five sessions are repeated in a series, depending upon skin condition.
The Ultrasonic Facial is a pleasant experience that improves circulation, increases and boosts
antioxidant absorption at the cellular level.

Dry Skin Basics

Dry Skin: It’s About MoreThan Moisture
To understand dry skin, you have to start with the root cause.
A Healthy Skin Barrier contains a ratio of equal ceramide, cholesterol and free-fatty acids.
This combination acts as the glue holding skin cells together. When this ratio is disrupted,
the skin barrier is compromised and can result in dry skin.
Other Causes of Dry Skin
  • Low ceramide – a waxy, moisture-holding lipid found in the skin
  • Low amount of sebum (oil), vital to lubricating skin layers & acts as a protectant
  • Cold dry weather
  • Harsh ingredients in skin care products
Dry Skin Tips
  • Avoid long, hot showers that zap moisture from skin
  • Use a humidifier, especially in winter months when air is more dry
  • Apply a serum or cream that’s right for you, morning & night to strengthen and protect the barrier from harsh weather.
Did you know?  Too much hydration or not the right type can do damage to the health of the skin barrier as well.
The goal is to add the correct amount of moisture that optimizes the health of the skin barrier. More is not always better.
Don’t forget to drink water for healthy skin!

What is the difference between Pharmaceutical VS. Cosmeceutical grade products on the market?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) divides skin care products into two separate categories:  Cosmetic & pharmaceutical. Pharmaceutical products undergo rigorous testing that can go on for more than 10 yrs and cost millions of dollars. Pharmaceutical grade products are only available through a licensed professional. These products not only contain a higher percentage of active ingredients, but higher quality of each ingredient. According to the FDA, pharmaceutical grade products are required to be 99% pure, where cosmetic grade products are only required to be 70% pure. Active ingredients are those that can make a change in your skin such as (reducing wrinkles, pigmentation, alleviate acne, etc.).