Permanent Makeup
Institute of Permanent Makeup | Rocklin, CA | Reno, NV

Micro-Blading / Micro-Stroking$450.00
Micro-Blading Correction
Lip Liner$300.00
Lip Liner & Smudge$450.00
Full Lip$650.00
Local Anesthetic Injection for Lips$50.00
Correction & LighteningPer Area $200.00
Beauty Mark$100.00
Needling/MCAPer 15 min $200.00
Scar CamouflagePer Area $200
( Depending on size of area )
Scalp Camouflage (Bald Areas Scalp)Per Area $200
  • Permanent Lip Makeup


  • Lipstick

  • Eyeliner

The Above Services Include:

  • Initial application & one touch-up within 4-6 weeks. Touch up fees are half the cost of original application thereafter.
  • All colors are customized for each client. The lighter the color the faster it will fade.
  • All permanent cosmetic makeup colors fade over a period of time. (2-5 years average)
  • The absorption of the pigment by the skin and the fading of permanent pigmentation vary with each individual and are predicated by several factors:
    • Swelling during applications
    • Oiliness & Thickness of Skin
    • Medication taken by the Client / Patient
    • Chemical Peels
    • Chemo & Radiation
    • Bleeding
    • Chlorine & Sun Exposure
  • Touch-ups for any procedure after the initial work are $100 within the first 6 months and $200 thereafter.
  • Prices are subject to change.