Why Use Karin Herzog Products?

Why Oxygen?

For the skin to function properly, it must have an adequate supply of oxygen.  As we age, the oxygen levels in our skin decline.  Studies have shown that even at the age of 25, facial skin can have as little as 30-40% of the oxygen than that of a healthy child or teenager.  The decrease of oxygen can result in lack of collagen synthesis (premature aging), impaired cell renewal (dull rough skin), and hyper-pigmentation (age/sun spots).  By using Karin Herzog products, we can increase the oxygen levels in the skin to prevent and even reverse these conditions.

How it works

Utilizing a unique stabilization process, the Karin Herzog products are able to deliver oxygen to the deeper layers of the skin, unlike most oxygen products on the market today.  Oxygen is contained in the creams in a stabilized liquid form called hydrogen peroxide.  Upon contact with the skin, an enzyme called Catalyst, acts to convert the hydrogen peroxide (H202) into two molecules of water and one molecule of oxygen (2 H20 + 02).  During this conversion, pressure is created, which forces the oxygen into the skin and delivers the other active ingredients.

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